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Dr. Kamal Rashid, along with Dr. Abby Benninghoff, Taylor Hatton, and Shaun Barnett, are conducting growth, viablity, and productivity studies on recombinant CHO cells utilizing stirred tank bioreactors. This research is supported by a university grant and in-kind donations from equipment manufacturer New Brunswick Scientific.

The team is conducting research involving a comparative study between two bench top stirred-tank bioreactors. Recombinant CHO cells, which are the cell line of choice in the biopharmaceutical industry, will be cultivated in both a pitched-blade bioreactor in batch mode of operation and a packed-bed basket bioreactor system in perfusion mode. This study will determine which type of bioreactor will produce the best results in terms of cell growth and productivity.

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Long-term results from this research could help scientists involved in protein and/or vaccine production facilities select the appropriate bioreactor and mode of operation to optimize cell productivity for generation of a specific protein product.