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Patti ChampineThe Proteomics group is a core facility of the Center for Integrated BioSystems at Utah State University. It has been established to help researchers with novel biomarker discovery, discovering molecular models for disease, small molecule extraction and identification from organic and aqueous mixtures.

Support equipment includes gel electrophoresis units, Protein purification modules including an ÄKTA FPLC and an ÄKTA HPLC, a GE Typhoon Laser Imager, a Waters nanoACQUITY Ultra Performance LC™ (UPLC™) System attached to a Waters Q-TOF Premier mass spectrometer, and a GCT Premier mass spectrometer.

Available services include determination of melamine content, leachable/extractables, small molecule survey scans, and confirmation of single compound accurate mass. Our staff is dedicated to providing rapid, reliable, and reasonably priced protein separation services and support. For inquiries please contact Patti Champine.


spectrometry machine

protein chart