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Core Labs

We have multiple core laboratories each covering a variety of technologies and services. Our core laboratory scientists and technical staff are well trained and have years of experience. They are available to offer you accurate, well-documented, and timely services.



The genomics group offers a variety of gene analysis services including DNA sequencing, DNA genotyping, quantitative PCR, and DNA array analyses and features Illumina next-generation sequencing.



The genotyping group, comprised of the Fluidigm BioMark™ application and the Cattle MHC typing service, provides consultation and guidance to researchers in designing and performing genetic studies for their research projects.



The proteomics laboratory provides mass spectrometry for small molecule identification, leachable/ extractable, and amino acid analysis, as well as general services including protein separation, and imaging.

flow cytometry

Flow Cytometry

The flow cytometry group facilitates technical and professional assistance for performing laser-based flow cytometric analysis and sorting using a special order BD Biosciences FACSAria ™ II.