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Cattle MHC Typing

Full service involves high-resolution genotyping at the MHC locus performed by PCR amplification of the most polymorphic regions of the MHC genes. Due to the duplicated nature of the MHC genes and the high levels of polymorphism found in MHC genes, the Illumina MiSeq System is employed for targeted exon sequencing.

After sequencing, the alleles present in each sample are identified based on the sequences obtained and the haplotype(s) of each sample are determined. This service requires 1 ug of genomic DNA at a concentration of at least 50 ng/ul, and the data returned are the haplotype(s) for each sample.

mhc typing

The MHC typing service is currently offered only for bovine samples. However, our reagents should work with sheep and bison samples. Typing of other species may also be possible. If you are interested in MHC genotyping, please contact Dr. Aaron Thomas.