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Next Generation Sequencing

The genomics group offers high-throughput DNA sequencing services using the Sequencer FLX System (454 Life Science/Roche). The applications include de novo sequencing, resequencing of whole genomes and target DNA regions, sequencing of individual chloroplast genomes and metagenomics environmental samples, RNA analysis, transcriptome profiling using normalized and non-normalized cDNA libraries and many more. For additional instructions, see GS FLX Titanium Sample Preparation.

next generation sequencing machine


General Four-Step Workflow of the GS FLX System:

  1. Preparing a DNA library
  2. Amplifying the library
  3. Sequencing the library
  4. Analyzing the data

CIB provides two kinds of services for clients:

1) Standard Service

Standard Running Cost: ~ $8,000 - $10,000 /per run for 1-10 libraries

A minimum of 3µg of high quality DNA (concentration and final volume depending on application) provided by the client. CIB will prepare library and run QC on library preparation prior to running 454 sequencing.

2) Minimal Service

Minimal Running Cost: ~$550 /per 1/16 run

High quality library ready for sequence run provided by client. CIB will perform QC prior to running 454 sequencing.

Data Handling and Output:

The sequence data will be available for a limited time on the CIB password protected secure server for client download.

Data Analysis:

Data analysis software from Roche is available for client to download. Sequence and professional data analysis available upon customer request.


Please review the list of applications below supported by the 454 Sequencer below to find the method best suited for your research.

    • Eukaryote Whole Genome
    • Prokaryote Whole Genome
    • Sequence Capture TApplicationsargeted Region
    • Transcriptome Sequencing
    • Amplicon Sequencing using the Genome Sequencer FLX system

Sample Submission Forms:

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Next Generation Run Specifications: