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DNA Sequencing

The genomics group offers high quality and fast turnaround on DNA sequencing services using an ABI PRISM™ 3730 DNA Analyzer. The 3730 utilizes BigDye terminator chemistry. Standard primers (M13 / T7 / T3 / and SP6) are available. Turnaround times vary based on services. Sequencing data will be emailed to customers, or available on the facility server.Current services to match your needs and finances include:

dna sequencer


RUSH: Samples received before 9 a.m. will be returned by 5 p.m. (extra charges apply)

  1. Reading DNA/Primer conc. & adjusting dilutions ($8.50 to $10.50)
  2. Performing sequencing PCR reactions
  3. Running the sequencing reactions ($6.00)
  4. Purification of sequencing PCR reactions ($3.00)
  5. Loading only (3730) and sending data ($1.00)
  6. Data turnaround in 1-2 business days

New! High Volume 96-well

For additional instructions, see DNA Sequencing preparation.