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Flow Cytometry

Kira MorgadoThe Flow Cytometry group is a core facility of the Center for Integrated BioSystems at Utah State University. The facility provides instrumentation, personnel, and expertise to assist researchers in flow cytometry and fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS) applications.

The laboratory is equipped with a BD Biosciences Special Order FACSAria™ II, which is a high-speed FACS that can perform high-resolution, multicolor flow cytometry analysis. Our FACSAria™ II has 4 lasers that can detect up to 13 different colors in addition to the cell sorting functionality, and uses BD FACSDiva™ software for data acquisition and analysis.

For a complete list of available filter sets, lasers, and wavelengths, see our filter worksheet. Services are offered as fee for service (see fee schedule). For more information please contact Evan Peterson.


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