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Lihong TengThe CIB bioprocess facility provides services in microbial fermentation and animal cell culture. It features a 1,000 sq. ft. BSLS-LS2 pilot scale fermentation laboratory capable of handling class II organisms, an adjoining 600 sq. ft. bench scale cell culture and fermentation laboratory with multiple fermenters and bioreactors for microbial, mammalian and insect cell culture. The facility offers cost effective services to academic, government and industrial groups. The uniqueness of our service is in having the facility available for investigators to rent on a contract basis to conduct their own process.

The facility can manufacture recombinant proteins, antimicrobial agents and metabolites as well as media optimization and cell culture scalability experiments. It is available on collaborative or contract basis. Our service fees are highly competitive and projects can be carried out under confidentiality agreement if required. For inquiries please contact Dr. Lihong Teng.


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