Techniques In Animal Cell Culture & Scale-Up Strategies

Day 1


  • Fundamentals of cell culture, primary culture, cell transformation
  • Media design, serum, serum-free media


  • Laboratory safety, aseptic techniques, culturing and subculturing, cell viability, growth parameters and culture expansion for seeding reactors

Day 2


  • Quality control of cell culture laboratory
  • Mycoplasma detection and control
  • Contamination control


  • Chromosome Analysis
  • Growth parameters and growth curve experiments
  • Hollow-fi ber bioreactor demonstrations
  • Microcarrier cell culture preparations

Day 3


  • Microcarrier and hollow fi ber cell culture
  • Stirred-tank bioreactor: design and operations


  • Bench-top reactor setup and preparation for sterilization
  • Media handling and asepsis, pH and DO probe preparation and calibration
  • Seeding the reactors

Day 4


  • Cell line characterization for production of biologics
  • Cell Culture – single use bioreactor systems


  • Follow-up on the stirred-tank reactor experiments
  • Demonstration of single-use bioreactors

Adjourn at noon

This course teaches modern techniques used with mammalian cell culture. Laboratory work includes hands-on experience in cell growth and subculturing, and extensive work with different types of bench scale and stired-tank bioreactors. Also included are microcarrier cell culture, hollow-fiber cell culture and single-use bioreactor technologies.


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  • Shaun Barnett, Center for Integrated BioSystems, USU
  • Julia Cino, New Brunswick Scientific Co., Inc.
  • Cory Card, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.
  • Paula Decaria, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.
  • Chris Heck, Utah Division of Wildlife Resources
  • Sha Ma, Ph.D., Eppendorf Inc.
  • Michael Phillips, Applikon Biotechnology, Inc.
  • Kamal Rashid, Ph.D., Center for Integrated BioSystems, USU
  • Tommy Smith, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc. USA