Program Info

The influenza vaccine biomanufacturing training course at Utah State University (USU) will be an intensive three-week industry-focused training program with a curriculum that combines the necessary science instruction to support hands-on training in vaccine biomanufacturing. It is expected that students will arrive over the weekend preceding the beginning of classes on Monday morning. The course will be completed on Friday afternoon three weeks after commencing. No formal lectures or laboratories are planned for the weekends. However, the instructional needs and requests of students will be considered in scheduling review sessions or additional hands-on practice sessions on Saturdays and Sundays during the course. Inexpensive activities will identified for course participants on weekends.

Curriculum Overview

  1. Cell Culture Techniques and Scale-Up Strategies for Growth of Cells In Bioreactors.
  2. Bio-Safety Pertaining to Viral Vaccine Production with Emphasis on Bio-Containment, Sterility, and Waste Inactivation.
  3. Basic Virology and Vaccinology including Virus Assays and Viral Inactivation.
  4. Scale-Up Strategies for Production of Recombinant Proteins in Fermentors.
  5. Downstream Processing of Vaccines including Final Product Formulation and Filling.
  6. Key Regulatory Issues in Vaccine Production with Emphasis on Documentation.

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