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Microbial Fermentation

The fermentation group provides clients with seed culture development and culture scale-up from shake flasks to pilot scale fermenters. Four BioFlo 3000 and 4 BioFlo 310 beanchtop fermenters configured with two-liter and five-liter vessels are available for comparative studies. At the pilot scale, two 100-liter B. Braun UE-100D fermenters and one E-10 10-liter CIP/SIP fermenter are available. All fermenters are equipped with instrumentation for monitoring/control of dissolved oxygen, pH, agitation, antifoam, and air flow. Support equipment includes shaker incubators, laminar flow hoods, chemical hoods, clean steam, microscopes, autoclaves, cryostorage, and freeze-dryers.

The facility is available for leasing to interested clients based on a contract agreement between CIB and the client.